Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Isn't Your House Selling?

Worried about your home not selling? Great article from Mark Weisleder's column from The Toronto Star. Some of the points I strongly agree with. Remember first impressions can be everything when trying to score the highest price for your home. To generate the most interest i'd like to touch upon

1. Good photography can make all the difference. High priced homes that don't have professional photography can often leave buyers and agents asking other questions. The pictures on MLS will be the first impression to agents and other buyers on your home. Your intention is to get them in to impress them, therefore spending a little more on great photography can make all the difference. Remember for the time being your house is a "product" and you want it represented in the best light.

2. Marketing- Like Mark said, "Having your home on MLS is not enough" most buyers are searching through social media and other web sites for interest before they even make initial contact with their agent. By having your home advertised online you are also reaching buyers in different countries looking for investments,  there's no limit to who it can reach.

3. Pricing- There's no going back on a high price. Unfortunately when a house is over-priced and has been sitting on the market for too long, it loses interests with buyers. If there's not a lot of interest, you're not going to get your multiple bids that drive up the price.
Even though your initial instinct is to list your home for the highest possible price for your area, a reasonable and competitively priced home could result in multiple offers, sometimes driving the price above what you would have listed it for.