Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Revamped Humbertown Redevelopment Proposal Approved By HVVRA

After a much-publicized battle against a proposed Humbertown redevelopment, the Humber Valley Village Residents Association has approved an amended proposal that was reached through five days of mediation before the Ontario Municipal Board.

While all of the details are yet to be released and the amendment must be passed by City Council, early indications are that several accommodations were reached regarding the development's most controversial issues.  The amended proposal was approved by 200 members of both resident's associations before the Christmas holiday.

From the HVVRA's site, reportedly included in the new proposal are:

  • Increased setbacks between the buildings and roadways to allow for a legacy tree canopy to grow along Royal York, Lambeth, and Ashley Park;
  • Increased green spaces throughout the site;
  • Creation of an enhanced, larger neighbourhood square to allow public gatherings, cultural performances, and the like;
  • Establish a 160-unit seniors’ residence, which will facilitate senior residents remaining in the Humber Valley Village neighbourhood;
  • Limit the overall amount of retail space with restrictions to ensure that no “big box” stores are permitted;
  • Participate in a collaborative site plan approval process with the HVVRA and the City so that they can provide input into architectural design and landscaping;
  • Provide an $80,000 budget to HVVRA to retain professional design consultants and landscape architects for the site plan approval process;
  • Allow input from the HVVRA to the City on how monies given by FCR under Section 37 of the Planning Act will be applied to upgrade facilities in the neighbourhood; and
  • In addition to the seniors units, reduce the residential component to 455 condo units and townhouses.
While nothing is certain until the plan is approved by City Council, this seems like a sizable win for the residents of Humber Valley, and is an example of the power that the community has when united toward a common goal.