Friday, December 26, 2014

Seasons Greetings


Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and
prosperity in the New Year.
Happy Holiday's 2014
T'was the night before Christmas 
And all through the city
People waiting in wonder
About new guy, John Tory

Can he unlock the gridlock 
And have council unite
'Cause the path must be clear
Starting right at midnight

For now it is Christmas 
Mr. Claus's on his way
The sleigh's fully loaded 
So clear all the roadways

The sleigh is aging
And Santa's concerned 
What's this shimmering and shaking?
We can't have it upturned 

But Rudolph reminded 
Of the delivery ahead 
We have forty thousand parcels
Of Robbie Bobbing Bobble Heads

Mayor Ford is still with us
Lots of memories to recall
His figurine more requested - thankfully 
Than the Q's punch doll

The Raptors are boasting
They need a trophy showcase
Fans dreaming of tickets
Seeing some (oh yes any!)
Team in first place

What else on the list
Has the City requested?
Another sleigh-load of signs?
Announcing 'Construction Ahead'

No, not more roadwork
It's tougher each year
So the reindeer are dreaming
For when drones will appear

Kids text in their wish list
To 3-D printing no less
And the drones swiftly deliver
To the chimney of that address

But if Rudolph and Vixon 
Really want to retire 
I'll hitch the sleigh to a comet
And deliver like wildfire 

But the gang headed south 
Googling gently through the snow
I know Buffalo's there somewhere 
A white blob's all that shows

Goodbye Toronto
Goodbye until next year
A Merry Christmas