Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Great Pricing Debate

A recent article in the Globe and Mail addressed a popular problem amongst sellers.  The debate over pricing one’s home “high” or “low” certainly has detractors on each side.

Personally, our strategy is usually the same regardless of the home.  While you never want to undervalue your home and walk away feeling as though you didn’t receive fair compensation, overpricing is a danger that can discourage buyers from considering your property.

The market will usually dictate the price of your home.  If you’ve priced your property accordingly, then the chances of fair and even multiple offers increases exponentially.   
A point that is brought up in the article, and that is important to remember, is that you need to see past your own personal attachment to your home.  We all have a special place in our heart for certain improvements and projects that we’ve done around the house, but the market sets the value of our home, sometimes regardless of factors like these.  Let us conduct the research and price your home accordingly, and your chances of getting a more than fair return will increase dramatically.